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My name is Seth. I don't mind being called Sethy or Sethychu. I love being called Princess. As a submissive bondage lover, I also have a thing for being called Slave, Slut or Bitch.

I am Pansexual and Androgynous, and was born male. Masculine or feminine pronouns are fine by me. With some favoritism to feminine because my feminine side is needy and easily excited X3 I often struggle with my gender identity, but androgynous is what I feel most comfortable classifying myself as.

I love BDSM, and identify as a submissive. I do have some dominant side, but overall, I am more submissive. My Mistress is Zema, found here: :iconsalega:. I have plenty of other fetishes too. I like anime, cartoons, sci-fi, fantasy and have too many likes to list them all.

I use Kisekae extensively because I am not terribly good at drawing.



    -          Initial thoughts before show starts is that I hate EA being the starter when I know just like every other years, this is going to be one of the most dull of the conferences. Hope I’m wrong.

    -          Yay, we’re starting with…. Livestreaming a second event that’s livestreaming the other event. Meta.

    -          Titanfall 2:  Okay, some impressive things. The grappling hooks look super fun. And hey, this one shouldn’t be exclusive so I’ll get to play this one. Single player trailer that was leaked early looks fine still.

    -          OHFUCK ME IT’S MADDEN: <.< ALREADY!?!?!? SECOND GAME OF THE SHOW?!?!? Motherfucking…. -sigh- Okay, seriously, stop…. Wooo….. Esports for the football game… Wooooooo…….. <_< … Ohmygod, the fuck, they have the competition people lined up…. <_< I… am here… for NEW GAMES. -roars with fury- …

    -          Mass Effect Andromeda: Kay, new mass effect. Wait, a look behind the scenes? … Okay, nice little trailer but… was that seriously all we have for Mass Effect? The fuck. Well that was disappointing.

    -          Talking points. My caring is non-existant.

    -          FIFA: …. OH FUCK ME, they are doing it again. The sports games are going all fucking show, aren’t they? FUCK FUCK FUCK <.< FUCK. Some sort of story mode thing. My caring is non-existant, AGAIN. Woo, bringing out some… coach… something or other…. God, just end… God…. Just fucking…. They have spent more time on the sports games then their other games…. This is just… madness.

    -          EA Originals Program: An attempt to make an indie program, essentially. I expect little to come from it.

    -          Fe: Unravel 2016 looks pretty good.

    -          Star Wars Time: It is a time of Star Wars. Ohmygod, did they just announce Battlefront II with… nothing to show? … Amazing. This section appears to be about calmly announcing the next few years of star wars without even showing much of crap. Wait, they will show a montage of BEHIND THE FUCKING SCENES crap <.< I hate you, EA. I hate you so much.

    -          Battlefield 1: … ONE… LAST…. GAME…. Okay, FUCK YOU, EA. Now that that’s out of the way…. Okay, stop talking on stage, guy, give me a fucking game. Give it to me. O___O DO IT!!!! Okay, small nothing video. Wait, that wasn’t the full trailer? …. THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE WAITING FOR, A SIGN FROM GOD?!?!? Ohmygah, another “It’s you that matters here” stop. …. Celebrity players of your fucking frontlining game… How much money did it cost for that lack of buzz? <_< By the gods, EA, the hell is wrong with you. Getting full trailer now…. Yay…. Kay, that looked fine. An hour of Battlefield 1 gameplay? O_o

    -          OVERALL: ….. FUCK. My expectations were low already, but EA was WORSE then I was expecting. This is the biggest waste of time EA has ever given me, and considering their track record, that is something. Apparently there is gameplay after, which I might watch with the Best Friends but that ain’t part of the conference so I won’t count it as part of this, but…. This was just bad.


    -          Initial thoughts are last year with Bethesda was a good time and I hope they keep it on the roll this time. Looking forward to Dishonored 2 stuff, but aside from that I don’t really know much of what else Bethesda will bring aside from the dozens of rumors I saw. Rumors are rumors, time to see reality.

    -          Quake Champion: O_O Rushed from Game of Thrones to see this and fuck did they open with a bang of that Quake announcement. Wow. Good reveal on the word go. The man is telling a good story, but I wanna see more. Sounds like more at Quakecon, which is fair, but still, I want this… Badly.

    -          Sort of a slideshow of Bethesda success, hyping the crowd a bit with each game.

    -          The Elder Scrolls Legends: The Elder Scrolls card game is up. AND stream cut part way in the cinematic trailer >.< Welp, that’s one to watch later. I’ll add a note here: *after watching*

    -          Fallout 4 DLC: Looks like a nice couple updates here. And wow, moving on already @.@

    -          Fallout Shelter Updates: Cool, some updates! Maybe I’ll play it some mor- Oh, and moving on @.@ Going a little fast for me- O_O Ohmygah

    -          Skyrim Remastered: Welp, it’s confirmed now… Gods, I am going to waste more hours of my life soon. Finally, console mods for meeeee >D

    -          Prey: o.o The hell… I thought… Well, looking different now. Prey 2 was going to be a bounty hunting game… I liked that concept more than this more…. Not that thing <.<

    -          Content Updates for Doom: Sounds good. Free updates… And some DLC for multiplayer.

    -          Elder Scrolls Online: … Kinda need to sell me on coming back to this thing. Nope, still not back in. Nice try though. No, not even the Dark Brotherhood is enough. Too little, too late, and I ain’t paying more for it. Okay, no progression barriers sounds nicer, one of my main problems was how I would just stop part way in quests to half to level for the next batch.

    -          Bethesda VR: Doom in VR!? … Well, that sounds…. Hectic. Fallout 4 in VR!?!? O_O Uhhhh…. Wow. I’m… Wow. That sounds impressive, I wonder how it looks.

    -          Dishonored 2: YEEEEEE, here we go now! Okay, gameplay. Or more… staring at environments. Oh, please don’t stop there >.< Okay, focus on Emily for a moment, cool. Give me more gameplay. Or story. Or anything. YES! Good. Gooooood. Ohmygod…. OHMYGOD ohmygod, I think they make you choose between killing Emily or Corvo T.T … That’s… just speculation on my part, but the choosing screen they showed makes me think it’s true. Okay, back into gameplay, they seem to be showing us a mission. Yep, looks like Dishonored to me. In all the fun, brutal ways of a killer run. Oh, and now a trailer. Dishonored loves it’s musical choices, and so do I. Collector’s Edition looks nice >.<

    -          OVERALL: Bethesda had a great show. Just lots of stuff to show off. Prey was a surprise, even though there had been speculation, and chewing on it I think I’m alright with it. Quake was the big surprise of the show, though. Other then that, most everything was a little expected but nothing disappointed. Everything showed well. Once more, Bethesda sets a standard for what these shows are supposed to be, but I still dream of a world going higher.


    -          Microsoft doesn’t have a lot of titles coming out, as far as I remember, so there is some chance this show could either be a bit dull with not enough to show, or surprise filled with things at least I haven’t heard of before.

    -          First thing they did was show off the new Xbox. Happened so fast I missed the name. For all the hype, it is just an Xbox Slim again.

    -          Phil Spencer speech. The usual stuff. Also, my stream of the event has captions on for some reason, and the whole chat is complaining about it with my brain.

    -          Gears of War 4: Kay, sounds like fun announcements on here, get the fans eager. Wow, Laura Bailey comes up… They brought a voice actress on stage o.o Awesome. Okay, so, gameplay looks fun. Looks like Gears, alright.

    -          Oh, a special controller just for Gears of War 4… Cool, I guess.

    -          Killer Instinct: Right, the General Raam update… Eh, General Raam wasn’t that interesting a character but… Oh right, the bat thing… and a knife… Okay, so they aren’t gonna be too boring with him.

    -          Forza Horizon 3: Car driving thing. Doesn’t look bad, more fun style car game, but still just not quite my thing.

    -          Recore: Ohohoh, we have gameplay now. Okay, cool, this looks like a fun action platformer thing now. Cool.

    -          Final Fantasy XV: Ohoho, they decided to show this at Xbox One, eh? ….. Okay, so they are showing us gameplay of a bossfight and one thing they might not have wanted to do but ARE doing is making it look slow paced and kind of dull, as well as shockingly hard to comprehend what the fuck the character is supposed to be doing. I am just saying, not the best look the game has ever given me.

    -          The Division Underground: <.< The hell… DLC for the Division… oooookay then, thanks for telling me nothing about it, then.

    -          Battlefield 1: Ah, where this game should be shown off better, I hope. Show me something better then what was shown at EA…… Ohmygah, they are showing the SAME trailer <.< You fuckin’…. Idiots. Well, that  was disappointing. EA, you are teh stupids.

    -          Lots of improvements to Xbox Live stuffs. Lots of little updates that sound amazing all smacked together at once.

    -          Minecraft: Woah, announcement of crossplay between iOS, Xbox and PC. Huh. Woah, dedicated servers. VR Minecraft, too. Man, Minecraft is so… lasting @.@

    -          Custom Controllers. Cool.

    -          Inside: O_O Ohmygah *holds breath* … Fuckin teases! Well, at least it’s coming out soon >.< Oh hey, free Limbo for Xbox One. Cool.

    -          Indie Showcase: Just a series of clips. Cuphead. Outlast, Etc. You know, lotsa stuff. Little Ark update.

    -          We Happy Few: Oh, almost forget this… Wow, nice, it’s starting to look more Bioshocky. Gosh, what an interesting game. Lalala~

    -          Gwent: … Well, there it is. The card game video game based on the card game in the Witcher video game. Well, that’s a different sort of project for CD Projekt Red. But hey, lots of people wanted it, now they got it.

    -          MOTHER FUCKING AKUMA VERSUS HEIHACHI HYPE AKA Tekken 7: YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYA!!!! *goes nuts fanboygasm-* OHMYFUCKING GODS, gameplay now, the fuck fuck yeah, holy shit fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck YAYAYWYYSYAYsy ohmygahohmyfuckinggah, yes. All my yes. Tekken 7, I fucking love you. I fucking loved it.

    -          Dead Rising4: Well, it happened. And it’s Frank West! He’s covered wars, ya know. Looks goo- Wow, planning to come out this holiday season. Cool.

    -          Scalebound: Looking much better then previous showings, more… How should I put it? … Close to done is the term, yes. But seems like there are a lot of systems in play here. It’s coming off a little MMOy in this co-op demo. Still, looking good.

    -          Sea of Thieves: Okay, this song makes me think of Dishonored, because it’s the Drunken Sailor tune but not the drunken sailor lyrics. Sort of just makes me wish it was flat out Drunken Sailor, after all, this is a pirate game. Anyways… Aesthetic seems to have taken a hit towards being a touch darker, least in this trailer. Nevermind, they show the ingame stuff, it’s still colorful. Okay…. This game looks…. Awesome. Once we’re just watching people play it.  Wow, what a nice showing.

    -          State of Decay 2: What is this then? Some zombie thing it looks like. Um, kinda looks interesting, actually. Oh, State of Decay is getting a sequel. Cool.

    -          Halo Wars 2: Well, I loved Halo Wars one, actually, it was a Strategy Game I could actually play well, so… Kind of into this, just knowing it’s Halo Wars 2. Wow, week long beta right now. *kinda…. Jealous of Xbox One <.<*

    -          Phil Spencer back on stage to go ‘woo, we’re awesome’ essentially. Um, wait, 4k gaming and VR talk… o.o Oh no… I think their doing it…

    -          Xbox Project Scorpio: … Um… Holy… Fucking… Shit…. I’m sorry, did Xbox just blow my fucking mind with a new console announcement? O_O … Okay, so there was the midgrade update console, and now hype for the new console. New console. The fucking hell.

    -          OVERALL: … I’m sorry, my mind is blown too hard, give me a moment to recover here. Okay, we can’t say how this whole console news will go over, but the overall impression I’ve gotten from Microsoft is…. It’s going to be what we talk about all fucking day, whether it’s the great amount of games shown or this fuckoff last minute New Console Announcement that blew my brain out too much to even know what to say about it. Sony better have one hell of a conference, or else I think Xbox has just won the show and the talking points of most everyone for the week. Whether all that attention and scrutiny is entirely a good thing for Microsoft is up to the public, because the console cycle having a quicker pace is not good news to most console players… In fact, I am downright worried.


    -          Really not expecting much here, but hey, it could be an improvement from the snorefest that was the PC Gaming Show of 2015.

    -          Dawn of War III: Oh, look, going quickly into the fray on this one. Hey, this looks great. Nice to start on a high note for once. The space marine they have on stage is quite awesome looking. Hey, these guys are actually talking about their game, and about mechanics, that’s cool. Just don’t do too much of it, lots of talking kills press conferences.

    -          Oxygen Not Included: Quick commercial, really.

    -          Ark Survival Evolved: Oh, hey, yo, guys. Hey, new dino, Titanosaurus. Looks like Ark brought a lot of things to show off. Lots. Cool… Gods, I want a gaming PC T_T Hey, a mode for playing the animals. Cool.

    -          Giant Cop: Looks funny. Another commercial, really.

    -          Mount and Blade II Bannerlord: Oh, look, a sequel to a thing I’ve heard about but never got into myself. Cool. Medieval combat stuffs, looks really cool. And thank goodness, these talking sections come with gameplay videos, making the segment flow well.

    -          The Surge: Looks like a thing. But it’s another commercial.

    -          Lawbreakers: Oh, I remember this. Oh, hey, Cliffy B. Wow, this game looks really nifty. Low gravity areas in a multiplayer thing sounds cool. Looks even better. Fast and fun looking. “Overwatch is Street Fighter, then we’re going to be Mortal Kombat.” … Big words, Cliff, big words, and I don’t think you’re gonna hit it quite that big, but I can see this finding a solid footing anyways.

    -          Esports: Yes, yes, esports is awesome, blah blah, oh hey, that one street fighter moment. Hey, good job sending that up. Because Fighting Games are my preferred Esports, so I am biased to be pleased with it’s inclusion.

    -          New Video Card somethingsomethingsomething: If I was a proper PC gamer, maybe I’d care… But I am not, so I don’t. This can be the boring part of the show, just tell me when it’s over. Woah, wait… Backpack computer with VR head device…… The fuck… Okay, nevermind, there is stuff. Dangerous stuff, who the hell is going outside with VR?!? … These crazy people, apparently. Well, hey, least it’s PC Gaming made specifically for VR stuffs, I am interested.

    -          Killing Floor 2: My PC overheated DX Must rush!

    -          Killing Floor VR: Loooks cool, must rush

    -          Super Hot VR: FINALLY! … But still must rush.

    -          Tyranny: Sounds cool, ohmygah Obsidian RPG, yes.

    -          Observer: Horror game, cool. Looks really cool, actually.

    -          Dropzone: This is nifty, an RTS game where you pick three units before the match. Kine or nifty, faster pace.

    -          Arma III Apex: Looks like more Arma.

    -          Turing Test: Looks like a thing, but not an immensely exciting thing. Oh, wait, might be a puzzle game. Okee. Well, it exists.

    -          Overland: Well, this is nifty, some survival thing, but it’s… very different.

    -          Duel Universe:  Space sim, looks interesting…. But they are about to lose their audience once Ubisoft goes live if they don’t start wrapping up. Uh… This kinda looks like they are trying to do No Man’s Sky-ish stuff. Though philosophically more similar to Eve Online, sounds like.

    -          Stuff: God, waste of time <.< Stop talking about how fuckin’ cool PC gaming is. Finish the damn show, Ubisoft is ten minutes away.

    -          Halo Wars II: Kay, they’re bringing it to PC. Nice to see more gameplay, but man are the minutes ticking away for them.

    -          Day of Infamy: Kay… World War II shooter. Looks fine.

    -          Mirage Arcane Warfare: Okay, officially has to be the last fucking thing, because Ubisoft starts in two minutes. Looks pretty. AND STOP, will pick back up after Ubisoft.

    -          OVERALL: Well, Imma have to look up what happens later. I will update with stuffs later.


    -          I don’t expect much besides For Honor and South Park holding my interest, but hey, they could surprise me. I just am more resistant to the ol’ Ubisoft Surprise game nowadays, less likely to get hyped.

    -          And… it starts with a dance number. I must laugh. Just… Laugh. And they are fully aware how stupid this is, and they love it…. What the fuck… Ubisoft… I love you when your stupid, sometimes, truly.

    -          Just Dance 2017: More Just Dance, because… Because it makes money, dammit.

    -          Aisha Tyler kinda on the ball right now, despite the madness… maybe even because of it.

    -          Ghost Recon Wildlands: CGI Trailer to start off with.  Is an okay trailer, but ready to see gameplay here. Okay, game- Oh fuck me, stop using the fake teamspeak. God dammit <.< Ubisoft learns nothing. The fake ass team chat is really killing the mood.

    -          South Park the Fractured but Whole: Okay, awesome stuff showing, super hyped for this. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are… unbelievably on their game. God, I am so in. I love they gave this game it’s own sit down section. Woah, Tactical RPG now. Cool. Stick of Truth for current consoles, finally.  December 6 for us, yes!!!! And we end with a trailer.  This is amazing.

    -          The Division: God, who cares… -sighs- <.< I don’t care about more Division content, I didn’t care about the Division before it even came out. So, time to just… Sit quietly and wait for something else… Come on, For Honor, hype me back up.

    -          Survive: … Boring, lack of caring.

    -          Eagle Flight VR: Okay, this does actually look fun for VR, but for a stage show it’s a little dull.

    -          Star Trek Bridge Crew VR: I can’t believe that rumor was true…. Mmm… Star Trek VR… I… I actually want it. Multiplayer. Fuckin… Actually controller the ship… In VR. I… I want it. I want it more then I wanted any VR thing ever.

    -          For Honor: So, For Honor has a story now, apparently. Cool. …. Hey, it’s the man. He truly is THE MAN. Love this guy. Oky, so there is some sort of story mode, it isn’t just the multiplayer, though the multiplayer is my primary interest. Yeah, this looks… really good. So, the single player looks fun, multiplayer looks fun, and I want to give this man money… Yes, For Honor will be mine, me thinks.

    -          Grow Up: Sequel to Grow Home. Looks good.

    -          Trials of the Blood Dragon: Okay…. Starting off with Wrestling Entrances…. Then hugging…. The hell is this…  Trials and Blood Dragon made a baby together… Wha…… Trials of the Blood Dragon… Oh… Less excited.

    -          Assassin’s Creed Movie: … *sigh* Well, I guess they wanted to discuss their movie…. I can’t make myself care enough. *tabs away for a bit until it’s over*

    -          Watch Dogs 2: Kay, Watch Dogs 2 is here, as we all knew, and it looks fine still. Just fine. I like the different direction from the first one, but I really do have to wait for reviews to say whether this is special or another by the numbers Ubisoft game.

    -          Watch Dogs Movie: ….. WHY!??!?!?! THE FUCK…. <.< The fuck… This ones earned it, fuck you, Ubi <_<

    -          Steep: Okay, Ubi… Try to Woo me.  Some sports thing, extreme sports… Kay…. Not for me, but I can imagine the people who would be into this. Actually, kinda glad this exists, hell of a lot better then normal sports games, the wingsuit stuff looks cool. Snowboarding less new, less interesting. Well, it’s not for me, but I don’t mind it existing. Guess that’s it for this conference.

    -          OVERALL: Ubisoft did fine. Not great, but not bad, just… Fine. Which still puts them leagues above EA. For Honor and South Park continued to be the true highlights, although Star Trek VR really did blow me away. I think Ubisoft can count this as a success.


    -          Well, Sony is up, and while initially I thought they could just coast with just a good conference and come out fine, but after Microsoft, Sony needs another killer conference, and I don’t know how they pull that off.

    -          And Sony starts off with an orchestra… As if summoning the great beast that gives them their power through the power of music.

    -          Fuck me, they opened with God of War IV.

    -          God of War IV: FUCK…. It looks like Last of Us with a Kratos Skin XDDDDDD The forest scene from Last of Us… Huh, weird. Well, then the action started. The weird thing is this isn’t… Well, I knew it was going to be in Norse Mythology, but something about the gameplay doesn’t look quite God of Warsy about it. Less dramatic camera angles, maybe? Slower? Camera angle closer to Last of Us style. Somethings a touch weird, maybe I need to go back and look at the previous games again.

    -          This is now Shawn Laydon’s Theme Music. Good speech about the recent tragedy here.

    -          Days Gone: Kinda missed the name of it, sorry. Looked fine.

    -          The Last Guardian: …. Looks so goo- OHMYGOD, it really is this year. Holy shit @.@ YESSSSSS!!!!

    -          Horizon Zero Dawn: Also still looking good. More gameplay, woah, wait, there was a real animal in there, I saw them. So, there are real animals and robot animals, okay… Not doing anything to the real ones, so that may not be important. Okay, so there are dialogue wheels o.o Cool. Oh, here’s the riding mechanic! Cool~ Yep, looking better every time I see it.

    -          Detroit Become Human: Okay, we got a look at another character in a… Negotiator role. Okay… David Cage, do your thing, I guess.  Looks like a cool section, I can say. Lots of variant endings sounds cool.

    -          Resident Evil 7: Not sure exactly what this is, but… I’m getting PT vibes. I’m getting lots of PT Vibes. And Silent Hill vibes separate from the PT Vibes. WHATHWHATHH, RESIDENT EVIL!?!?!?!?!? O_O Well… That’s… Different. Playstation VR. January 24th. What. What. What.

    -          Playstation VR: Priced at $399. This is good news.

    -          Farpoint: Looks like a good VR game to me.

    -          Star Wars VR: O_O Holy hell. This looks awesome.

    -          Arkham VR: Mark Hamill, I love your Joker. Also, that sounds cool, showed less then the others though.

    -          Final Fantasy XV: o.o 9 30, woah… we’re that close, huh…. Wait, this has VR support… Okay, there is apparently a VR experience with Final Fantasy.

    -          Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Uh… This might be a better game then people were thinking, and if this shit comes with VR support I think we’re in for the first Call of Duty I buy in years. This looks impressive.  Now I want to see it’s multiplayer more.

    -          Crash Bandicoot Remastered: Cool stuff. And first he’s coming to a Skylanders thing, good for him.

    -          Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens: Got the look, the jokes are a little flatter then usual.

    -          Ohmygod, it’s Kojima: Man, they gave Kojima the entrance of gods… and the audience is chanting… Holy shit. “I’m back!” … I love this man.

    -          Death Stranding:  Norman Reedus confirmed. Mind… Fucking up…. Music… Fucking… Amazing…. I am so in.

    -          Spiderman Game: Is this exclusively for PS4? … Uh, this must be a new sort of beast then. Okee, cool.

    -          Days Gone: Wait, more of this? Um, that’s odd…. Huh…. Well, seeing real gameplay this time is…. Holyshit…. The zombie horde is doing the hording stuff. The fuck…. That’s a lot of zombies. Like…. Holy shit….. Never seen this in a Zombie Game before. Okay, now that game is looking… Way better then just okay. WAY.

    -          OVERALL: Okay, I thought that conference would struggle a lot more then it did. Sony did what it does best…. Game after game after game… And this time with a LOT of release dates all over the place. Wow.


Final Rating

Of all the conferences, this is my final list from best to worst.

    1.       Sony: Sony rocked so hard, and played their event on an utterly different level from the rest. Everyone else was a press conference, Sony was a classical music concert set to video game trailers. Nothing in E3 has left me unable to look away, unable to pull up my phone and check a message, and made it damn hard to write up the summery up above. Sony was an event this year, and it succeeded so hard I forgot why I thought any of the others had a chance of beating it this year.

    2.       Microsoft: Now Microsoft had a strong show. Lots of games, and lots of hardware announcements that will shape the industry from the next few years. Lots of people will talk about the Scorpio. The only negatives are that they did emphasize the PC enough to make everyone go “Well, why get an Xbox?” and then the Scorpio told them basically “Yeah, maybe don’t get an Xbox yet.” But when it was over, I thought Sony would have a hard time catching up… I just didn’t know Sony would prove me so wrong.

    3.       PC Gaming Show: Other then the rush to jump from the this to Ubisoft, the PC Gaming Show was utterly improved from the previous year. More games I cared to take a look at, more gameplay shown, more focused, interesting talking. It’s now not a waste of my time, and I appreciate that. And Day9 seemed more comfortable this time. Hope this continues being a thing, but I also hope they don’t screw up timing in terms of other press conferences next year.

    4.       Bethesda: So, Bethesda was never going to outdo their show last year, but they did pretty good. Surprise announcements, overdo returns, and I am as hype for Dishonored as ever. But, on reflection, their pacing was not great this year, and I hope next year they will learn from this mistake.

    5.       Ubisoft: Ubisoft is usually fun. They brought some fun. But in terms of games, this was a dull show. Watch Dogs doesn’t look awful or anything, very few things really looked bad, but only a few things really stood out. Star Trek VR, For Honor and South Park were the absolute standouts, and those made the rest seem dull by comparison.

    6.       EA: … The lows that are EA are beyond my imagination. This… is the worst conference… They’ve ever done. This would be bad news for anyone, but… this is EA, their lows were really low, that they found new things beneath the bottom of the barrel to scrape is just… Fuck me, what the fucking hell…. I hate that EA has sole ownership of Star Wars games. It just pisses me the fuck off. I hate that Bioware is stuck with EA. I hate that EA has so much talent that they are killing off slowly under their boring corporate overlords that know not what will please the human peasants they call customers. 


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